Fairy Tales Can Come True: The Very BEST Erotic Fairy Tales: A
Collection of Excellent Adult Bedtime Stories

Fairy Tales Can Come True: The Very BEST Erotic Fairy Tales, a new
publication edited by Bare Back Magazine's own Natasha Brooks is
a lovely anthology of erotic short stories with a twist.  All of the stories
share a common thread - they exist in or interact with the world of
myth and fantasy.  Some are set in a mirror of the real world and the
present day and incorporate elements of the mythical and the
supernatural.  Others are set in realms of pure fantasy or worlds
straight from classic fairy tales.

The Fairy Tales Can Come True anthology was inspired by the 2007
Erotic Fairy Tales Challenge featured on Bare Back Magazine
online.  These ten sexy stories present a wide range of styles,
sexualities, fetishes, and settings as unique as their authors.   

"The Legend of Gabriella's Rock" by Tara Alton mixes a sense of
myth and wonder with lush, throbbing sexuality, and a youthful
exuberance.  Earthy characters mix unapologetic lust with magic,
mythical creatures, and medieval family politics.

Ms. Erotica Writings' "Selena The Witch Of Seduction" follows an evil
witch as she brings suffering to mortals with her powers of
seduction and illusion from times past through the modern day.

I believe laughter in bed is incredibly sexy and that humor in erotica
brings that feeling to the reader.  Jazz Daladin's erotic fairy tale, "Size
Doesn't Matter" manages to mix laugh-out-loud humor with a
titillating sexual romp while poking a little fun at Internet dating.

Matthew Dyne's "Lily and the Vine Oaks" has an authentic mythical
feel, as if it came from long-lost pages of Grimm's fairy tales.  He
combines a sweet coming of age story with an enchanted forest
containing unexpected charms.  

"The Secret Picnic" by Ralph Greco is a delightfully twisted romp of
fairies, trolls, BDSM, and a renaissance faire.  Forbidden love
between two unlikely characters drives the plot towards a surprising

David Rasmussen freely mixes satire with sex of several flavors
(both real and imaginary) and manages to pull off a strange and
sexy kind of romance in "Arsenal & Grethel" which leaves the reader
both amused and aroused.

Jennifer Moody retells Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid
with a sexy twist in "Once Upon a Wet Dream."

"Betrothed Fairy's Tale" by Fred Towers tells the story of a Lavender
winged fairy named Shanny who is betrothed to a cursed prince
whose very life depends upon the youthful fairy's sexual self-restraint.

Robert Lubrican's "The Queen's Protector" takes the reader on a tale
of adultery and intrigue culminating in an ending that takes the
shaggy dog genre to a whole new level.

"The Glass Castle" by Lisa Whitefern captures the essence of the
modern fantasy genre.  The strong plot of this piece would not be out
of place in a collection of "regular" fantasy stories though its erotic
element does not disappoint.

You can find all of these erotic fantasies and more inside Fairy Tales
Can Come True: The Very BEST Erotic Fairy Tales.  Playful, mythical,
and memorable, this anthology contains a variety of adult bedtime
stories gingerbread sweet to downright kinky - it has something for

Reviewed by Kylyssa Shay
Freelance Writer/Reviewer

Posted February 2009
Fairy Tales
Can Come


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Emerging Edge

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