Bare Back Magazine: I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for interviewing with
Bare Back Magazine. Can you tell us about your background?

Jess: Thank you for having me! I’m a writer, artist, and general non-conformist. I like good books,
good food, and other goodies. I’ve been writing for a really long time, and don’t foresee myself
stopping anytime.

Bare Back Magazine: How long have you been writing stories? And what was the
name of the very first story that you remember writing --what was it about?

I guess I’ve been writing stories as a 3-5 year old. The earliest story I believe was a
makeshift little book entitled The Robbers – it featured three robbers who stole some buns and got
thrown behind bars as a result. I still have the story somewhere.

Bare Back Magazine: How did you become interested in writing erotica? And do you
write any other genres?

A friend requested a “raw” piece when I turned 18. I’d been fascinated with Anaïs Nin since I
first read one of her books (when I was 16). I write digital/electronic fiction, contemporary fiction,
and young adult fiction. I also dabble with some speculative and literary writing – the story’s more
important to me, than the genre(s).

Bare Back Magazine: Congratulations on your debut novel, EyeLeash, being
published! Can you tell our readers about EyeLeash, and what is it about?

No problemo – EyeLeash features the private blog of Jade Ashton, a sassy virgin. Logic flies
out the window when she meets Novan: the former geek friend, who's morphed into a delicious
songwriter-musician. EyeLeash captures self-discovery in the 2000s, and showcases the intricate
drama in two youths' relentless search for themselves--and what's really in their hearts. Inspiration
for the book is partly due to a sensitivity and awareness to how sex is presented and defined,
especially when it's commercialized as a commodity. It's something that bugged me throughout
much of my (late) teen years, and I guess it somehow all came together in my debut novel.

Bare Back Magazine: EyeLeash is told completely in blog entries and instant
messages.  Why did you decide this approach?

I thought it was fitting of my generation/a generation that grew up with digital media. I
needed the character to really “dive into the depths” of exploring her own psyche, feelings, and
desire(s), so decided to take the journal/blog approach. Instant messages were just a natural
addition to the original blog format.

Bare Back Magazine: I understand that you are also an artist. Do you have any formal
art training? And do you have any samples you can share with our readers?

 I’m mostly self-taught – I’ve mainly relied on John Ruskin’s The Elements of Drawing, for any
drawing/art purposes. I believe it’s the best book on drawing out there. I have attached a few
images and the book trailer for EyeLeash (which features my artwork).
[EyeLeash book trailer --]

Bare Back Magazine: You are originally from Singapore, but currently reside in the
US.  What do you miss most about living in Singapore and what do you love most
about living in the US?

I love the open space in the US – Singapore has about 4.84 million on a small land mass. I
miss my friends and the fantastic cinemas/malls. Walking aimlessly through various malls was a
favorite pastime at one point in time. Good when you need to clear your mind off stuff.

Bare Back Magazine: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time (besides writing
and reading of course)?

Listening to music – I spent 3 hours learning how to rap a Korean verse in a song I really like
(“Run” by Se7en). I don’t know Korean but am determined to learn it some day – I’m interested in
language/anything international. I like exercising/dancing/moving/and doing new things. So little
time for so many things...

Bare Back Magazine: I understand that you have several books in the works. Please
tell our readers about a few of the projects that you are currently working on?

I recently launched my sophomore novel, 4:Play. It’s a contemporary cocktail of erotic short
stories. I was supposed to finish it before I turned 25, but I guess it got finished earlier (I just turned
23). The current book I’m working on is a young adult novel. It’s more mainstream than my first two
books – I like to try something new with each new piece. I’ve got a couple of other book-idea-
concepts on the backburner too – might complete one by the end of next year, not so sure about
the other one...

Bare Back Magazine: Is there anything else that you would like to share with our

Work hard, play hard. And have a good sex life.
Jess C Scott is a 20-something
up-and-coming writer/artist originally from
Singapore but currently resides in Maine.  
Jess' debut book,
EyeLash offers a very
unique approach to writing in that the book
is entirely in blog entries and instant
messages because she believed it was
fitting of her generation - a generation that
grew up with digital media.

Jess is a non conformist, and you will see
that her work both in writing and art is very
bold and hip and represents a younger
generation who dares to have a unique style
and appeal.

She is a very ambitious writer/artist and has
several projects coming up in the near

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Jess C Scott
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